Saturday, December 19, 2015

Elf Themed Christmas Party for the Classroom

 For my fourth-grader's class Christmas party, I created an elf-themed party. I used these Elf labels for the water bottles:

I made the placemats from wrapping paper ($1 per roll at Dollar Tree).

On the tables were “Be an Elf” and “Christmas Would You Rather” sheets to keep the kids entertained while they ate. Everyone loved the Elf names - even the parents!

The party was at 10am, so we had donuts, pigs-in-blankets, cheese sticks and pretzels.

After the kids ate, we played “Elf Four Corners”.   This was an easy, fun and FREE game that everyone loved! 

I put a sign in each of the four corners of the room.  For our game, each sign was one of the elf’s food groups: candy corn, candy cane, candy and syrup.  (You can customize the names of the corners for any party. Younger grades might also appreciate four recognizable pictures instead of words.)

One kid is “the caller” and they turn their back on the room.  All the other kids then get up and move to one of the four corners. Every corner has to have at least one kid in it.  The “caller” then says stop and announces one of the four corners and turns around to face the room.  Everyone in that corner is now OUT and they must sit down.  Play continues until there is only 1 kid left and they are the winner. 

 We played three rounds of this game.  Each round lasted about 8-10 minutes.  The kids loved this game!

Thanks for checking in! Have a Merry Christmas!

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