Monday, November 4, 2013

Easy & Fast Christmas Treat Bag Labels

Remember these Halloween labels I posted about last month?  And then there were these Thanksgiving labels?  Well,  guess what?

Christmas Treat Bag Labels from

Ta da!  These labels are so quick, easy and fun! I’ve created six different labels for all sorts of goodies!

Christmas Treat Bag Labels from

Here’s the candy I used but feel free to experiment with whatever you like!
Kris Kringle Kisses = Hershey’s chocolate kisses
Grinch Pills = green peppermints (or green Tic Tacs, green M&Ms, etc.)
Snowman Soup = marshmallows (snow), pretzel sticks (arms), chocolate chips (buttons & eyes) and a candy corn for the nose (or an orange Reese’s Pieces candy would work, too)
Reindeer Noses = 8 Whoppers and 1 cherry sour
Elf Pillows = red/white peppermints
Twiz the Season = Twizzler sticks

And don’t forget this tip when you’re assembling:

Christmas Treat Bag Labels from

Great little gifts for teacher appreciation, co-workers, class parties, friends, party favors, kids’ lunch boxes, etc.

Christmas Treat Bag Labels from

These Christmas labels and more are available for immediate download on my Etsy

Thanks for looking!

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