Sunday, December 30, 2012

December Bulletin Board Ideas

Before December is completely behind us, I thought I’d show a couple other ideas for bulletin boards.

This one was made to go outside the teacher’s lounge (as a joke, of course).  =D   But the VP said he thought it worked better outside his door!   It’s actually a Grinch “ghost” I created for the school’s Fall Festival, but all it needed was a Santa hat and some text taped on and it became holiday-worthy fun:

Grinch bulletin board idea from #holiday #Christmas #school

I created this one for the nurse.  She’s all about fixing boo-boos, so this “Oh, Snap!” poster of a broken gingerbread was a hit:

Gingerbread bulletin board idea from #holiday #Christmas #school #music

These last two were created for the music teacher.  They also advertised the school’s holiday program.

For this one, I painted the reindeer and background, the “songbook” is wrapping paper and printed text.  And the bow is a silver piece of ribbon.Reindeer bulletin board idea from #holiday #Christmas #school #music

The Elf poster is still a favorite.  See more about the Elf bulletin board on my original post here.

Elf bulletin board idea from #holiday #Christmas #school #music

Don’t forget to appreciate the teachers!

Thanks for visiting.

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