Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How to Make Your Hallways So Interesting People Will Forget Which Room They Were Going To – Ten Pin Tuesday #4

Our main hallway doesn’t have much in it besides a carpet runner and a thermostat.  So I’m always looking for ways to spiff it up. Especially since it’s  the most used, most traveled area of our house.

Here’s a collection of some of my favorite ideas for giving a hallway its own personality!

1. I love this style from Thistlewood Farms.  The dark frames with the labels, the chandelier, the shadow box … greatness!   And this totally makes me want to put wainscot in our hallways.  I also like the wreath, and especially the contrast of the stained door against the wall trim.

Pinned Image

2.  I like this end-of-the-hallway collage, too.  She used all the space, and didn’t just hang a picture or three at eye level (which is totally what I would do without Pinterest).  Because when you’re standing at the other end of the hall, you see the whole space, right?  Everything is in the same color palette and works well with the wall color. And, bonus points for cleverly camouflaging the smoke detector with all the different shapes and sizes of frames.

Sunshine photo wall-1

3.  Our stairwell could use this sort of sentiment!  I love the big “&” typography, as well as the different shapes, sizes, and colors of frames.  I’m betting each of these photos tells a story of a great moment in time.  Don’t you just want to linger in this space?


4. On the other hand, this collage of mismatched frames all painted black is stunning!  I love the initial and the addition of mirrors for some interest.  This picture is of a nursery, but I  like the idea of it in a stairwell or hallway.


5.  Big, black and white photos always look stunning.  And from ceiling to floor, this really makes a statement at the end of hallway. I love the photo of the dog! She’s part of the family for sure, so why not?


6. Whoa.  I love the stripes.  I’m not sure my hubby would be on board with me painting the hallway in stripes, nor am I sure I’d have the patience to paint them.  But, this is outstanding and makes a huge statement on the walls without the use of frames or photos. This must be what they mean when they say a space has “energy”!

7.  Wouldn’t this collage of mirrors look wonderful in a hallway?  Elegant and classic.


8. The wainscot is striking in this hallway, isn’t it?  And that top piece of molding almost looks like a picture rail.
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9. I love the functionality of this relaxed space. Shelves, hooks, and of course the massive chalkboard.  Fun!



10.  Candid photos are just fun to look at, aren’t they?  And this collage with a mix of black/white and color looks great in this space. Love.

Here’s a couple of tips I’ve collected for reviving a wall:
Tip #1
Before pounding nails into the wall, use painters tape and newspaper in the shape of the collage you want, and see if it fits your space.  Try using one of these collage shapes:


Tip #2
One of those “why didn’t I think of this” moments!  Use painters tape to measure the distance between two nails.  Then place the tape on the wall and make sure it’s level before hammering in the nails.


Tip #3
When you remove nails, put two rubber bands on the head of the hammer criss-cross style, and it will keep the wall from getting damaged.


What’s your favorite way to decorate a hallway?
I’d love to hear! 
Thanks for visiting today!

- Lori

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  1. Lori,

    I love all the ideas! You had me at those stripes.....hmmmm....now I'm thinking! Thanks for the shout out on the hallway!

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