Friday, June 15, 2012

Keeping Kids Occupied at Home in the Summer

When Traci at Beneath Your Heart posted about how to have two hours to yourself everyday with four boys at home all summer, I was more than intrigued.
Well, we’ve adapted her system and it’s working great!
First, I grabbed some craft sticks from my stash and wrote an activity on each one. 
Our activities are:
  • computer time
  • reading time
  • coupons (This is a service project for the military which involves cutting coupons from the Sunday paper.)
  • Wii (We chose Dance 3 for a little exercise!)
  • paint (A few squirts of acrylic paint on paper plates, some cardstock paper, a paintbrush, and some imagination is all that’s required at this station, which is at the kitchen table.)
  • tv or movie
  • puzzles
On milder days, we’ll include playtime outside, riding bikes, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, etc.
When it’s “station time” each child picks a stick out of the cup and goes to that station for 30 minutes.
My youngest gets bored at about 20 minutes, so we might shorten the time a bit.
What I like about the stations is that both my girls are occupied, and they’re doing their own thing so there is no bickering.
When they’re “station-ing”, I’m getting a few minutes to myself.  I’d like to say I’m cleaning and organizing and cooking dinner, etc.  But really, all I’ve done is start a load of laundry and write a blog post.  But I’ll get there…
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  1. Yay! I am so glad this idea is working for you! I love the way you adapted it to fit your family. :)
    Have a great weekend!