Tuesday, May 29, 2012

End of School Party Favors for less than $10

As the school year winds down, I created a little gift for the Kindergarteners in my daughter’s class.
Such an easy gift to put together! I made 24 favors and each included 2 sidewalk chalks, a packet of Koolaid, and a bookmark with a fun summer tag for less than $10.  (That’s only .41 cents each!)  Here’s the breakdown:
img with notes
The bulk package of Koolaid included 65 packets for $6, but I was able to split it with another Room Mom for another class and still have some leftover.
The bookmark stuck out past the opening, so I stapled the tag over the opening to keep things from falling out:
I created the tags myself (though you can find many downloadable ones on Pinterest), and printed them on my computer.
Koolaid … sidewalk chalk … who’s ready for summer?!
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