Tuesday, May 29, 2012

End of School Party Favors for less than $10

As the school year winds down, I created a little gift for the Kindergarteners in my daughter’s class.
Such an easy gift to put together! I made 24 favors and each included 2 sidewalk chalks, a packet of Koolaid, and a bookmark with a fun summer tag for less than $10.  (That’s only .41 cents each!)  Here’s the breakdown:
img with notes
The bulk package of Koolaid included 65 packets for $6, but I was able to split it with another Room Mom for another class and still have some leftover.
The bookmark stuck out past the opening, so I stapled the tag over the opening to keep things from falling out:
I created the tags myself (though you can find many downloadable ones on Pinterest), and printed them on my computer.
Koolaid … sidewalk chalk … who’s ready for summer?!
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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Desk Chair Makeover

My daughter and I are re-decorating her room.  We’re off to a great start with many new things, but today I wanted to share with you how we transformed a sad old card-table chair into a sassy pink and black desk chair.
We started with this:
Not a bad chair.  When I was in college, I studied in this chair. When I was in my thirties, this chair saw many a Bunko game.  Now in my 40s, this chair is my daughter’s desk chair.  And daughter is into pink.  Hot pink.  So this dated card table chair needed a facelift!
The back of the chair only had 3 screws holding the back in place, and the seat only had five screws.
Once the back and seat pieces were removed, I spray painted the chair hot pink.
When I took the screws out and moved the backing aside, it looked like this:
I used a screwdriver and pliers to remove the bajillion staples off the back:
It’s slow going because like I said there were a bajillion:
After I removed the old fabric, I cut a piece of the new fabric marking my measurements with chalk on the wrong side so I’d know where to cut.
Next I placed the back and the foam onto the fabric and stapled all the way around.  Honestly, this is where I turned over the project to my husband as my staple gun broke and he used an electric one to finish.
We used the same screws to put everything back together and now daughter has a hot pink desk chair.
before and after chair
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