Friday, April 27, 2012

My New Porch

Remember last fall, when I told you all about the meanings behind haint blue porches?  And then I inundated you with pictures of blue porch ceilings?  Like this gorgeous one?
And this one?
And this one?
I shared with you how haint blue, being the color of the sky, is supposed to deter spiders and such from building nests. 
And I also shared with you how gross our patio had become with cobwebs, dirt dauber nests, etc.  I cringe when I remember how ours looked:
And I vowed that I too was going to go “haint blue”…
Well, we finally did it!  We went from this:
to THIS!
It’s even a bit more subtle than the photos show.   We wanted something with enough blue tint to do the trick, but also be inviting and not too overwhelming.
We narrowed it down to four color choices (all Martha Stewart colors):
paint colors
So my hubby and I talked, and we eliminated Aegean Blue first because it had a lot of green undertones.  And it was a bit too intense for us. We also eliminated Forest Lichen (discontinued, but I have the formula if you want it).  We thought it had too much gray in it for this project.  (But, it’s gorgeous in our master bath.)
So it was between Heavenly Blue, which I read somewhere was a recommended haint blue color, and Salt Glaze, which we thought might be too light.
First, we went with Heavenly Blue because it had a bit more “sky blue” color to it.  Too much in fact.  After the cutting in, I told my rock star dad, who was doing the painting, to stop.  I may, or may not, have shed some tears.  But I knew it was not going to be the right color.  =(
So, being the most. patient. dad. ever., he did what I asked.  He stopped painting, and we swapped out the Heavenly Blue paint for Salt Glaze. 
And now, it’s PERFECT.  Salt Glaze is a perfect pale sky blue color.  It’s gorgeous.  I’m contemplating painting another room this color. 
And, I can’t stop going out to the patio to look at its gorgeousness….excuse the ladders but I couldn’t wait to take pics!
(p.s. The trim got a fresh coat of white paint, too!)
Here you can see the difference in the blue ceiling and white trim:
It’s been over a week.  So far, no new cobwebs. So yay for that!  But more importantly, we have a spiffed-up patio that makes me happy!
Next up…replacing the 3 light fixtures with ceiling fans…IMG_8434
Thanks so much for visiting my porch!

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  1. Its a beautiful shade of blue. Love it!

  2. Wonderful job! I just love your patio porch - and yep! You sure chose the perfect color! :) xoxo laurie

  3. What a beautiful porch! I didn't know that sky blue paint scares bugs away. I need that!!! We have spiders everywhere!

    Thanks for sharing, Katharine

  4. I love it!

    I cleaned our front porch this weekend and it was like spider-armageddon. Our porch has vinyl for the ceiling. I wonder if you can paint that?

  5. Love the color Lori. You've generated more work for my hubbie lol. Bugs love my porches' ceilings too!

  6. Love it! Blue ceilings are a fav of mine whether indoors or out. Great job!

  7. Beautiful! We'll be painting our porch this fall, and I'm planning on a blue ceiling, too.