Thursday, February 16, 2012

Kitchen Subway Art - Before and After

before and after

Several months ago I created a piece of subway art to hang over the buffet in our kitchen.   It features all sorts of cooking terms … it just made sense since my hubby and I are both big cooks.


But, I always thought the 3 pieces of artwork were too close together and never did stand out like I wanted it to.
So, not too long ago I made a new one:


This canvas is much larger (2’x3’) than the original wooden piece.  And I like it much better now!  Finally, I feel like it makes a statement and takes up all the visual space on that wall.

before and after

How do you like it?
Now if I can just figure out how best to accessorize the top of the buffet…
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  1. Ohhhh, very pretty! I love the subway art! Yours makes a great statement!

  2. The size works so much better this way.

  3. This is great I love it, and it really does stand out so much. I have got to try one of these subway pieces.