Tuesday, November 15, 2011

DIY Digital Image Transfer to Apron

Not long ago, I stepped out of my comfort zone and did a craft I’ve never done before.  I took an image I found on the internet, and I transferred it to a canvas apron.  It’s not original or even new, but I thought I’d share my process with you anyway!
First, I found an image online and opened it in my editing software.  The reason it has to be opened into the editing software is so the image can be reversed (a mirror effect) since there is writing on the image.
Blog 1 and wm
I practiced first on copy paper to make sure the image would print backwards.  Once I was satisfied, I printed on this ink jet transfer paper I bought at Walmart.  (I bought the LIGHT fabric transfers because I knew I was putting the image on a light colored apron. Six sheets in a package for about $6.)
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Following the directions, I heated the iron on the highest setting with NO STEAM.  Also, I didn’t use an ironing board (per the directions) because apparently this process requires much pressure.   My setup was this:
blog 3 and wm
I used a 12x12 scrap piece of wood and covered it with a pillow case.  I ironed the pillowcase first to get out all the wrinkles.
blog 4 and wm
After printing and cutting out my image (with a small outer margin), I placed it face down on the apron and ironed.  LOTS of pressure.  NO steam.  VERY slowly.  Taking much CARE to get the corners ironed very well. About 2-3 minutes of steady pressure.
blog 5 and wm
Next, I removed it from the hot surface and hung it up to speed up the cooling time.
blog 6 and wm
After  a couple minutes it was cool, so time to remove the backing.
blog 7 and wm
It worked!
blog 8 and wm
Yay! Now I feel like baking something!
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  1. It's so fun to do the iron-on transfers! Happy baking :) Thank you So much for sharing your apron at the december "Winter Wonderland" party over at I Gotta Create!

  2. Great idea! You made it look so easy! Thanks

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