Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Apothecary Candy Jars

This project is so easy to make!  It’s basically 3 jars with lids on 3 candlesticks in various sizes. Such a versatile project and they can be filled with lots of goodies for any holiday or occasion.
Here’s my version I created for a customer.  I used 3 candlesticks from my crafting stash.  (You can also find inexpensive ones at discount stores like Ross and just spray paint them.  Or even unfinished wooden ones at the craft store.) I also used finials from Lowes, and glass jars with lids from Hobby Lobby.  I adhered all the pieces together with a tube of Liquid Nails.
Halloween ideas … fill with plastic spiders, candy, licorice sticks, candy corn, eyes, a crow on a nest of shredded paper, etc.Boo
Christmas ideas … fill with hot chocolate fixin’s (marshmallows, hot chocolate mix, peppermint pieces),  nuts/candy, jingle bells, cinnamon sticks, big fat peppermint sticks, ‘snow’ and bottle brush trees, small cardinal on a grapevine wreath ‘nest’, snow globes, snowmen, gum drops, ornaments, tinsel, cookie cutters, etc.
Valentine’s Day ideas … fill with red hots candy, Hershey’s kisses, red licorice bits, chocolates, etc.I Heart U
Easter ideas … fill with jelly beans, Peeps marshmallows, Easter grass, plastic eggs, birds, bunnies, seed packets, faux carrots, faux bluebonnets, etc.
July 4 … fill with lemonade fixin’s (lemonade mix, straws, drink umbrellas), silver tinsel, USA flags, red/white/blue ornaments, popcorn, faux sunflowers, stars, etc.USA
What other ideas do you have to fill these with? 
I’d love to hear!
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  1. They really turned out nice..Great job..

  2. I'm glad you used liquid nails. I made ones similar to these last year by building my base and painting the lids and adding the finials but gorilla glue did not last...I might try them again with liquid nails. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Cute idea! Good tip on the liquid nails - from what I keep reading, Gorilla Glue is fantastic, but maybe the old standards are worth a second look.

  4. This is a great idea!!! I love it!!! I'm trying to come up with ways to decorate my home for the holidays!!!

  5. What a great idea! I love how you can change it for all the holidays. I'm your newest follow from chic on a shoe string party. If you get a chance, I'd love you to stop by my blog & maybe follow along too!

  6. I love all your ideas for what to fill these with each season--especially the Christmas one :) Thank you So much for sharing these beauties at the december "Winter Wonderland" party over at I Gotta Create!

  7. The best part about these (aside from the absolute beauty of them) is how universal they are. Look at how many seasons you got out of them? Love it!

  8. I love the use of apothecary jars in decorating for holidays.

    Stopped by via Design Dazzle Link Up of 100 Christmas Ideas of Wonderful.