Monday, August 1, 2011

Ice Cream Theme Party

Daughter#2’s birthday is in August.  We’ve been tossing around party themes all summer like Pinkalicious, Fancy Nancy and Barbie, but  ultimately settled on and Ice Cream/Popsicle theme. 
Since the weather looks like this (and hasn’t changed in 30+ days) we’ll settle for any theme that keeps us thinking “cool” thoughts:

5_DAY forecast
So a few trips to Target and the dollar stores, and we’ve got our stash of ice-cream themed party favors. 

This is my girls’ favorite part, ‘cause they get to help assemble everything.

blog6 and wm
Here’s what we got…
Ice pop molds! These were in the clearance section at Michaels.  I think I paid .60 cents for each pack of 2.  We love to make these in the summer and fill them with Hawaiian Punch, Koolaid, and Oreo pudding!

blog1 with wm
Ice cream cone-shaped CHALK.  I found these packaged 3/$1 at Dollar Tree.  We bagged them so the rest of the party favors didn’t get chalky. Ice cream cone die-cuts were in the teacher section.

blog2 and wm
blog 3 and wm
blog7 and wm
Bubbles!  These came from the party aisle at Target.  A package of 4 was $3.

blog5 and wm
Candy!  Fun dip involves colored sugar and a dipping stick.  I found these individually packaged ones at Big Lots.

blog5a and wm
A colorful package full of ice cream goodies for ten “pint-sized” guests…

blog8 and wm
blog9 and wm
And here’s a few ideas I’m considering for the party food…
Anyone know where can I get these mini-cups?

decorated ice cream bowls
Love these but I’m thinking they’d be hard to transport:

I think these would be easy to assemble at the party:

Any other ideas?
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  1. Oh what a cool idea!! Love the special birthday favors! I know each little one will feel so special!

  2. What a sweet party! I love the simplicity but totally darling aspect! Thanks for linking : )