Saturday, August 27, 2011

Haint Blue Painted Porch Ceilings

A friend recently told me that if you paint a porch ceiling a blue color, it wards off spiders, spider webs, wasps, dirt daubers, bugs, etc. from nesting in the ceiling corners.  Seriously?! She had me at “wards off”.

She explained how they painted their porch ceiling blue (at the advice of a home-remodeling contractor) and they haven’t had any spiders or webs on their porch in 3 summers.  THREE summers.  Ding!  This is why I will paint my porch ceilings blue as soon as the weather turns cool.

I Googled around and found this porch color blue is called “haint blue”.  It started in the South decades ago, and for various reasons.  Some said it warded off evil spirits or ghosts (called “haints”, or haunts).  Others said it seemed to make the daylight hours longer when they sat outside on their porches.  Others say bugs will stay away because they aren’t attracted to the color of sky.   You can read this Washington Post article for an in-depth look at the origins of haint blue.

Supposedly there’s even a Benjamin Moore blue paint color referred to as “dirt dauber blue”.  I am So. There.  

Then I Googled photos of blue porches and holy smokes did I find some GORGEOUS inspiration…

While there isn’t one “haint blue” formula, there are three families of blues that best match a haint blue color:

Ohio Haint Blue

La Maison Bleus

Savannah Haint Blue


Others have used Martha' Stewarts Heavenly Blue (8302):

I can’t wait to give our porches some color.  But I’ll admit the main attraction of this project is the idea of decreasing our bugs and spider webs. We are tired of sweeping them away, only to have them back the next day.

Stay tuned for our before and after porch makeovers ….as soon as we get out of these Texas-triple-digits.  For now, here’s the Front Porch Project ahead of us:

I can’t wait!  I say anything that will get rid of this mess is definitely worth a try.  And adding color to the porch is just an added bonus.
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  1. Cool! I don't have a porch ceiling, but I keep eying the soffits and get annoyed with the spider webs. Maybe I'll have to paint the underside of my soffits blue? I had never heard of this before.

  2. Thanks!! I do love my porch and it really does work. We have loved the bug free ceiling for 3 years now....Good luck on yours!!

  3. Maybe I should do this, we get lots of bugs in Australia!

  4. I have ALWAYS loved blue painted ceilings on the porch! My great grandmother's house had a grayish blue painted floor too. Cann't wait to see it all done. It's gonna look wonderful, I'm sure. I know what ya mean about the heat too. It's killing me! UGH!

  5. My 78 yr.old Father still lives in the 100 yr old. home his Father built.It still has original porch ceilings.Even thou my Dad has painted over the ceiling several timeswhenI was achild.It has peeled off every time.LOL.I've asked him if the original was paint or stain.He doesnt know for sure.He says it was kerosine mixed with color.My Dad built homes all his life in SC and never got the real answer.I love to sit on this porch.Oh the memories.

  6. Oh, those pictures are all swoon worthy for sure! :) I had not thought about it, but we have almost no trouble with bugs and spiders on our porch ceiling! I didn't know it was due to the ceiling being blue! But is this for any color of blue? Ours is a darker blue...I must admit I had never heard of "Haint" blue before or of the story behind it, but it is fascinating! This was a fun post. :)

    We are doing our porch ceiling this fall, too, and I WAS leaning toward white. Not now! I am definitely heading this sage advice and going with blue! :) I can't wait to see how your porch makeovers go, and I hope it cools down for you soon! I know it has been really hot in Texas this summer! :)