Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fun and Games – Gameroom Sign

Here’s the last room sign (I think) for awhile done for a client of mine.  This one was done on 5x7ish boards.  She wanted a room sign for her game room, and we chose a fun Scrabble theme…

After painting the boards with a cream coat of paint, I made stencils using repositionable contaact paper on my Cricut and placed them on the pieces.
Then I used acrylic black paint and a dauber brush and painted in the letters.  It helps to pounce the dauber brush up and down rather than wipe/brush it on.  This keeps paint from bleeding under the template and results in crisp letters.  Here’s a pic of the technique (from a different project).
Once the letters dried, I used the same process with the numbers in the corners.
Almost done…
Last, I glazed the blocks to give them a warmer, aged look using Ralph Lauren’s glaze in “smoke”:
The folks at Home Depot no longer carry this product; it’s been replaced by Martha Stewart.  However, the Depot guys tell me it’s the same thing. Anyone tried Martha’s brand?
Each block gets a sawtooth hanger on the back for hanging, and then they’ll be packaged up for the client.
Thanks so much for visiting!
Stay tuned for more projects!

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  1. This looks great! I have had it in my head to make something, either a sign or coasters, that look like large Scrable tiles and I haven't quite gotten around to it yet. This looks so good, I want to get on top of that project now. :)

  2. That turned out awesome! What a great addition to a game room. I am looking at the pictures and I'm trying to figure out if you painted the blocks before stenciling, or just put the black paint straight on the wood. I would love to try this project someday!

  3. Adorable! These will look so cute in a game room/play room! Your client must have loved them :).

  4. So very cute! You did a great job!