Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Angry Birds Cupcakes

The kids and I decided to make Angry Bird cupcakes for my hubby’s birthday this week…
blog1 and wm
Rather than decorate each cupcake, we just iced them and made Angry Bird toppers.  I printed the images and the kids cut them out. Then we attached them to lollipop sticks (cut in half) and stuck them in the cupcakes.

We put an Oreo at the bottom of each cupcake liner before filling them with the batter…
blog2 and wm
Blog3 and wm
The cupcake is a vanilla and chocolate swirl.
Blog3a and wm
Happy to say…the cupcakes were a big hit!
Blog4 and wm
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  1. YOUR BLOG LOOKS SO GOOD! and these cupcakes..a BIG OL GIANT
    YUM! I wish I had one NOW!

  2. OK-have I been asleep for so long that I didn't know that your blog name had changed? I went to your Etsy shop and had to click on the "sold" items to make sure it was you. LOL!
    Anyway-these cupcakes look great and I think I'll make them for my husband for Father's Day...Oreos are his favorite cookie. Would you believe that my 3 1/2 year old grandson taught me how to play Angry Birds on his mom's IPad? I'll have to look for these images to print out..he's love them!
    Thanks for the inspiration Lori!

  3. Love the oreo on the bottom! I have yet to play angry birds. Can you believe that? :)

  4. you had me at oreo - will be making them soon - thank you so much for sharing! xoxo michele