Sunday, June 26, 2011

Storage Bin / Tool Chest – Before and After

Recently, my husband went to an estate sale and came back with this industrial grade, steel storage bin:
Blog 1 and wm
And it was full of these drawers:
Blog 11 and wm
And he turned it into this!
blog 20 and wm
Here’s how he did it:
First, he used a furniture stripper to peel off all the layers of yuck:
Blog 4 and wm
Blog 5 and wm
Until they looked like this:
Blog 6 and wm
Then he got out these tools:
Blog 14 and wm
And one at a time, the drawers were put in a vise to get polished:
Blog 13 and wm
Blog 15 and wm
Until they sparkled like this:
blog 17 and wm
After everything was sparkly, it got a coat of this spray paint which we LOVE:
blog 28 and wm
And now my hubby has a brand new storage bin for all those little hardware pieces:
blog 20 and wm
blog 21 and wm
blog 23 and wm
Closeup of hammered spray paint finish:
blog 25 and wm
Next project: he has to sort out the contents that came with the bins:
blog 19 and wm
Something tells me he won’t mind this project, now that he has a fantastic looking storage bin to put them in!
blog 27 and wm
Kinda looks like a library card catalog, doesn’t it?  Maybe I’ll make him some labels for the drawers.
Before and After:
before and after and wm

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Chalk Paint – Buffet Makeover

The before…

The after…

My husband bought this buffet at a garage sale in all its beat up glory…with uneven stain on the top:
blog 1

scratches and bare wood in the corners…
blog 2

but with fairly good “insides” and doors (already removed).blog 3

My hubby decided to give this piece a makeover using my new Annie Sloan chalk paint.
chalk paint and wm

He used “Charcoal” color.  The chalk paint goes on very smooth, and is thick compared to regular paint.  And it dries very, very quickly.

After painting and sanding the edges, it’s a whole new buffet…
blog 4 and wm
blog 8 and wm
blog 9 and wm
blog 11 and wm

One thing we did learn during this process is how to work with wax to seal the chalk paint.  We used Fiddes brand:
wax and wm

It arrived in our mailbox melted.  It is wax, and this is summer in Texas, after all.  But after we brought it in the A/C for a bit, it reset to its regular consistency. 

We brushed it on and wiped it off, but we found fingerprints on the buffet whenever it was touched.  We were working in the garage, and we figured the wax must be melting ON the furniture. 

After a few frantic emails to Miss Mustard Seed for her expert opinion, we brought it inside, buffed it, and we no longer had fingerprints.

Now we have a beautiful buffet about to go on Craigslist…blog 10 and wm
blog 7 and wm

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I Heart Summer

Schools out. There is nothing but repeats on TV.  And it’s already 100 degrees outside.  So maybe now I can finally get through my stash of novels.

This is what I love about summer….


Do you have a favorite book to share? I’m always looking for a good book! Please leave a comment and share your favorites!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Easy Patriotic Craft for Kids

This week my kids made a patriotic paper chain for the stair banister. I usually have them do this for each holiday because 1. they enjoy it 2. it’s a cheap craft and 3. it keeps them entertained for awhile.
First, each child picked out two sheets of scrapbook paper from the craft store.
Blog1 and wm
Then I used a paper cutter to cut one inch strips. I cut about 2 inches off the length of each strip so the links wouldn’t be too big.
Blog2 and wm
Then the kids grabbed glue stick and went to town making links…
Blog3 and wm
Blog4 and wm
Blog5 and wm
When they were done, I tied the paper chain to the banister with a ribbon…
Blog7 and wm
Blog8 and wm
Easy, patriotic and festive…
Blog6 and wm
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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Angry Birds Cupcakes

The kids and I decided to make Angry Bird cupcakes for my hubby’s birthday this week…
blog1 and wm
Rather than decorate each cupcake, we just iced them and made Angry Bird toppers.  I printed the images and the kids cut them out. Then we attached them to lollipop sticks (cut in half) and stuck them in the cupcakes.

We put an Oreo at the bottom of each cupcake liner before filling them with the batter…
blog2 and wm
Blog3 and wm
The cupcake is a vanilla and chocolate swirl.
Blog3a and wm
Happy to say…the cupcakes were a big hit!
Blog4 and wm
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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fun and Games – Gameroom Sign

Here’s the last room sign (I think) for awhile done for a client of mine.  This one was done on 5x7ish boards.  She wanted a room sign for her game room, and we chose a fun Scrabble theme…

After painting the boards with a cream coat of paint, I made stencils using repositionable contaact paper on my Cricut and placed them on the pieces.
Then I used acrylic black paint and a dauber brush and painted in the letters.  It helps to pounce the dauber brush up and down rather than wipe/brush it on.  This keeps paint from bleeding under the template and results in crisp letters.  Here’s a pic of the technique (from a different project).
Once the letters dried, I used the same process with the numbers in the corners.
Almost done…
Last, I glazed the blocks to give them a warmer, aged look using Ralph Lauren’s glaze in “smoke”:
The folks at Home Depot no longer carry this product; it’s been replaced by Martha Stewart.  However, the Depot guys tell me it’s the same thing. Anyone tried Martha’s brand?
Each block gets a sawtooth hanger on the back for hanging, and then they’ll be packaged up for the client.
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