Monday, May 2, 2011

Mood Boards for a New Bathroom

I’m considering a change for my daughters’ shared bathroom, which is currently a pink and green ladybug themed room. But I’ve grown tired of this look, so I am considering a makeover. The girls are going to be 5 & 7 this year, and I plan on keeping the new look for at least 3 years.
I’m thisclose to taking the plunge and painting horizontal stripes on the walls.  I still want a room that’s bright and cheery, just less juvenile.
Here are three different mood boards I’ve created for the room.
Option #1: The Yellow, Black and White Room (with yellow and white striped walls)
girls bath1

Option #2:  The Green, Blue and Gray Room (with gray and white stripes on the wall using leftover gray paint from this room)
girls bath2

Option #3: The Pink, Black and White Room (with pink and white striped walls)
girls bath3
What’s your favorite? What other elements would you incorporate?
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  1. My favorite is #2. I'm a huge fan of the blue and green together. Love all of them though.

  2. My favorite is #3.. Second choice would be #1 with the Amazon shower curtain

  3. I'm torn between the first and second. I LOVE LOVE that bright yellow, but that fabric of the blue and green is gorgeous!!

  4. I love #2. Love those colors!

  5. Were you able to finally choose one? If it were up to me, I'd go for option 3. Black and white is neutral, and if you plan on any additional furnishings, any color can go easily with a b&w backdrop.