Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bake Sale – Marshmallow Pops

The elementary school is having a bake sale tomorrow night.  Since I made these treats for teachers earlier this month and they seemed to be a hit, I decided to make them again for the bake sale. All. 200. of. them. But it’s for a great cause, and I’m hoping they’ll be snatched up quick!

I started with the ingredients below. Yea, I know.  I was going to only get the pink marshmallows but sent hubby to the store and he comes back with every flavor available. Lesson learned.  =)
Most everything above came from Walmart. The lollipop sticks can be found at Hobby Lobby or Party City. Both places sell a package of 50 for $1.99.

Here's the thing with sprinkles and colored sugars: they are pricey.  Who knew? My suggestion: buy them on sale after a holiday or look for them at discount stores.  

For instance, the two larger bottles in the middle are the same size. The multi-colored ones on the right from Walmart were $3.99.  The solid pink ones on the left from Ross were $1.99.  I’m just sayin’.

Line 'em up:
I usually line a cookie sheet with foil, put the sticks in the marshmallows, set out all the sprinkles in small dipping bowls, and then melt the chocolate.  That way you’re ready to go with the chocolate is melted.

After dipping in chocolate and then coating with sprinkles, I lay them flat while the chocolate hardens. I usually put them in the freezer to speed the drying process.  About 10 minutes will do.

White or crystal sugar doesn’t show up too great on chocolate, so I mixed it with some pink and red.  Yum.

Whose kid
wouldn’t want to devour anything coated in multi-colored or chocolate sprinkles  aka “jimmies”?!

Since I’m taking these to a bake sale, I decided to package them up.  These Ziploc-style treat bags from Dollar Tree are the perfect size to fit two treats.

Finally, I thread pink ribbon through a basket and made a simple tag for the bake sale.


  1. That is such a fun idea for kids. I am now thinking that we may have to do this for some fun celebration. Thanks for the fun idea!

  2. I love this. I think cake pops are so cute, but I don't really like cake and if you don't like cake, they are just too much work. But this is so cute and simple. I think I could get my oldest to help make them and that would be fun! Thanks for sharing at Stories of A2Z. I'm a new follower now!

  3. What a great idea. I think the kids could have a ball making these at a party, too!

  4. These are GREAT! I love how easy they are to make and they look SUPER cute for a bake sale! Great job!

  5. yummy!!! those are so cute, and tasty. and almost fat free. ;)

  6. What a super cute idea for party favors! Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. These are great I will be making them for my kids birthdays next month.

  8. Hi There, Love these!! Such a great idea. I recently did a post about smores on a stick. Pretty much the same thing, just in smore form. Come by and have a look. http://catiescorner2.blogspot.com/2011/07/smores-on-stick.html Love your blog by the way. You've done some gorgeous furniture makeovers. I'm hoping to do my first this weekend. Have a good day! : )
    ~ Catie