Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Little Things Make a Big Difference

We’ve lived in the house for five years and I decided it was finally time to give some love to the kitchen cabinets.  Hello, hardware!
Here are my before and after photos … little things … but what a big difference I appreciate daily …
before and after1
before and after2
before and after3

before and after4

before and after5

before and after6

before and after7

before and after8

before and after9
before and after10

before and after11
I really, REALLY wanted all the drawers to have pulls that looked like this:
cabinet pull
But, we have a LOT of drawers and at about $4.50-$5 per pull, my “little project” was becoming huge.  So, I settled for simplicity and got the same bronzy look on a simple handle throughout the kitchen.
I did get my “fix” though and put a few of my fave drawer pulls on this dresser that I painted…you can read about this makeover here.
Thanks for visiting! More house projects coming up soon!

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  1. Isn't it funny how big a difference the little things make? I would love some hardware on my cabinets too, I think of it as jewelry for my kitchen!