Thursday, October 14, 2010

Halloween Teacher Gift Under $5

This week I was cleaning out and de-stashing my ever-growing pile of craft supplies when I came across this package of three wedding favors from the $1 store. I’ve had this forever…IMG_0511
Next, I got these out of the pantry:IMG_0512
After sifting through a TON of broken pieces…IMG_0515
…seriously…what’s up with this Mr. Brachs?!…IMG_0516
I put a handful of *whole* candy corns in some little bitty baggies:IMG_0517
Then I put the bags in the pails…IMG_0518
And set the pails in the treat bags and tied them with scrap ribbon…IMG_0519
Easy gift idea for teachers, right!?  And I just destashed a $1 store package of pails I’ve had forever, a few leftover Halloween treat bags, 3 jewelry baggies, and some scrap ribbon.  That’s what I call a win-win!
I put the leftovers  in a candy dish for a party this weekend…IMG_0522
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