Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ornament Painting Tip

What does this...

have to do with these??

Or with these?

Let me show you...

Empty applesauce containers are the perfect size containers to hold my ornaments while I'm painting in bulk.  I don't have to worry about them rolling around and can paint many ornies at a time.

 So, now you can start saving these...

So you can paint lots of these...

Hope you find this helpful the next time you're painting ornaments!


  1. I love these ornaments! And thanks for the tip on how you keep them steady for painting. I painted a few last year for X-mas and wish I knew about the apple sauce containers back then!

  2. You are so clever...what a great idea. I just got out my halloween print that I purchased from you last year and will hang it up this week. It's like your blog header. Your background and header are great by the way!
    Happy Weekend!~

  3. Wow - looks like a professional paint job. Just adorable cupcakes - so good you could almost eat one.