Monday, September 13, 2010

A Crafty Shopping Tip

Hello ladies of blogland...

I thought I'd share something with you that you may or may not know.  I'm usually the last to figure cool things out, but the lady in line behind me at Hobby Lobby today said she had never seen what I was doing.  So here's my tip to share with you all!!!

Y'all know how you can sign up for Michaels and Hobby Lobby to send you weekly emails which include their coupons, right?  If not, I guess that's part of the tip.   But the real tip is...

Instead of printing them out and taking the printout to the store, I save mine in a coupon folder in my email.  Then when I get to the store, I open up my email using my iPhone and  just show them the coupon on my phone.  They can see the code number they need, and no paper is necessary!  So, if you have a phone where you can check email on it, this is a pretty neat trick!  (I learned this out of necessity this summer when my printer was not working.)

I save all my coupons in a "coupon folder" on my email, so that when I'm at the register, I'm not scrolling through all my regular emails in my Inbox trying to the find the one from Hobby Lobby or wherever.  Also, if I'm standing in line, I use that time to pull it up on my phone so that it's ready when I get to the register.

Hope this helps someone!

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