Monday, April 12, 2010

An Easy Way to Frame Artwork!

On occasion, I find the perfect piece of wall art, but it's not a standard size and I'm left wondering how to frame it. A custom matte can be pricey, and I don't always find one I like.

Here's an idea that I've used a few times now when my artwork is a non-standard size and I can't find a matte to fit it.  I just take my print to the craft store and pick out a coordinating piece of scrapbook paper.  Something to complement the artwork as well as match the frame I intend to use.

Next, I cut the scrapbook paper to fit the frame.  Then I adhere my print to the center of the paper before framing it.

Here are a few examples of non-standard size artwork where I used scrapbook paper as the "matte" before framing...

I purchased these prints online for my laundry room.  Unfortunately, they were not a regular size.  So I used some black and white scrapbook paper which I had on hand.  I taped the print to the paper, then framed the paper. 

Bonus:  I picked up these matching frames at Goodwill and spraypainted them black.  Both prints got framed for less than $5! 

These do have black mattes in them that came with the frames, but the scrapbook paper helps fill the space.

Here's a few painting I framed for my daughter's room.  They are 9x12 canvas sheets framed in big 12x12 square frames.  The frames are garage sale finds that I painted white:

This is a small picture that I put in a large frame. I made a matte by layering several different sheets of scrapbook paper:

I created these HIS and HERS signs for our master bath.  I printed the words using a cursive font directly onto scrapbook paper.  Then I centered them onto a coordinating scrapbook paper and framed them:

Here's a close up view:
These custom silhouette profiles were an odd size.  And I wanted them framed in oval frames.  This black and white scrapbook paper was the perfect solution for a matte.  I just taped the profile pics to the paper which I cut to fit the frame.  Easy peesy!

Original mattes for your artwork!  At the cost of a sheet of scrapbook paper!  Sweeeeet!

I'm linking this idea to Room To Inspire's Inspiration Party!

Hope this tip was helpful! Thanks for checking in!


  1. Your faux matts are perfect Lori! And what a score the repainted frames are! Hugs, Loretta

  2. How cool is this Lori you Rock girl!

  3. Great idea! I love your laundry room prints; the colors are great. Can I ask where you got them? Doing it this way with the scrapbook paper allows you to use a bit bigger frame, too. Love it! Visiting from the Be Inspired linky party.

  4. Using the scrapbook paper is a great idea! You definitely scored on the frames too. Thanks for linking up to Be Inspired today.


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