Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Kitchen Shelves Out, New Buffet In

We recently replaced some open shelving with a new buffet.  I love it and need help with what to put on top of it.   My husband and I agree on the artwork, so that's staying.  I might've picked some art with more color but did I mention we agreed on it?

Here's the before...

And here's the after...click on a pic to see it bigger.

Here's some other artwork I liked...the pics below are thanks to Photoshop...









So what would you display on top of this buffet?

I'm linking this up to Thrifty Decor Chick's Before & After party.  Check it out for more re-dos!


  1. Hi! I like what you have on top of the buffet itself, as for the artwork.. I like any of the ones that span horizontally (like the 2nd pic, & 6 & 7) .. makes a statement and really draws your eye to the buffet. Nice piece of furniture :)

  2. beautiful buffet! I like what you have there For Valentine's I'd do the small topiary trees with the ribbons, that tray in the middle with your Valentines plaques, and a small lamp- so that you fit into the "light, element (trees), and something you love (tray and Valentine's plaques). Happy decorating!
    I am not familiar with Photo Shop, I am AMAZED that it can make those look like you hung up each picture (which is what I thought you did at first, LOL)

  3. LOVE the salsa print...the buffet looks great! Look...you have a new follower...it's ME!!!


  4. Love the Salsa print, also. It balances the size of the buffet perfectly, which is gorgeous, by the way!