Friday, September 11, 2009

Painted Bar Stools Before & After & Contest


I recently finished a makeover on some bar stools I've had forever. I spraypainted the legs black, and I painted the fabric seat 2 coats
Kilz and 3 coats paint. I decided if I messed up painting them, I could always just recover the top with a different fabric. Fortunately, I followed a great tutorial on Twice Remembered's blog which helped me from start to finish!

Next up I'm trying to decide what to paint on the top of the seats. Maybe a "1" and a "2"? Maybe "sit" or "eat"? Maybe a fleur de lis? Maybe "bon" on one and "appetit" on the other? Now taking suggestions and every comment is a good one
! If I choose yours, you'll get one or three of these Halloween candy box post your suggestions no later than Sept 30.


I painted YOURS and MINE.  Here is the final look:

Thanks for visiting!

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  1. I like:
    Live Love
    Flip Flop (if it was a coastal designed house that is)
    His Hers
    Mine Yours
    Thing 1 Thing 2
    Move Over


  2. I like the idea of a bee inside a wreath, a French design I've seen on a lot of sites lately, with "asseoir" (french for sit) underneath in a fancy script.

  3. Depending on what type of theme you have already:

    Rock On
    Yes Dear
    Let's Eat
    Chit Chat

    OR if you have room to get another stool you could do,

    Live Laugh Love
    Breakfast Lunch Dinner

    Good Luck! Let us know what you choose!

  4. I like the idea of a family monogram.

  5. I think one should say: "Joie de Vivre"
    & the other: "C'est la Vie"

    I think these phrases suit your attitude in life and creativity!

  6. Just thought of something else:
    since your stools now look so creamy mocha-ish, how about painting cups of steaming coffee them, with one that says: "Espresso yourself" and the other: "Cafe ~ Ole!" (a play the words "au lait") ... (sorry I don't have the proper accents over the e's)

  7. I think it should be a painting!! a fork and a spoon?

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