Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cupcakes & Candy Canes - Christmas Buffet #2

I just finished another version of the Christmas buffet. Here's the 2nd edition for Christmas...complete with two of my favorite things: cupcakes and polka dots!

Below is the first Christmas version I did, blogged about here.
All buffet prints are available on my Etsy and on Ebay.

Next up for the buffet series...Valentines!


  1. Love your new buffet print Lori almost as much as your first one. I have the Halloween print framed and the Christmas and Easter ones are stored right behind it in the frame so I can change it out when each season comes. For next year, we'll need a summer one...maybe one with shells? or flowers? ~Joyce

  2. Oh my goodness!!!!! Love, love, LOVE it!!!!