Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Signs of Fall - Before and After

I found this sign last weekend at a thrift shop. Nothing wrong with the existing sign, but not my style either. Mainly, I just wanted it as a surface to paint on. It was the perfect size for a Halloween/Fall stencil that I bought many months ago, but have not yet tried.



For the main background, I used my fave green paint (Forest Moss) and did a Burnt Umber wash on top of that. Then I used a nice cream color to stencil the trees and letters. The two crows (see 'em?) are stenciled in Burnt Umber.

This was my first attempt at stenciling. Not bad, but the lines are anything but perfect. So, when everything was dry, I took my ink pad and smudged up the edges and the cream colored areas. It helped (a little) to camoflauge the imperfections. And from a distance, you can't really see the flaws. So I guess this is best displayed up high on a mantle or above kitchen cabinets....

This sign is currently for sale on my Ebay. More before & after projects coming up later this week!

This project is featured with other great makeovers on A Picture is Worth a 1,000 Words blog. Check 'em out!


  1. Very Nice Lori... Those could be done in so many colors!

  2. Great stencil......! To avoid the not so perfect lines make sure that you dab the stencil brush or sponge you use several times on a paper towel before stenciling your project. Use a "dry brush" technique thus avoiding paint bleeding out from under stencil. You can also go back with a small liner brush and touch up....in this case using the green paint. Hope these pointers help....Stenciling is fun but like anything it takes practice. I recently did a sign tutorial on my blog using stencils if you want to check it out! I love your blog....!

  3. great job. great painting technique.